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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de SunnyvaleCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Cargo 6

Photo de Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Educator/Technology Manager
26,565 votos (66.53%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Strengthen our quality of life and our safety for everyone
  • Proactive solutions to address our congestion, housing and environmental issues - locally and regionally
  • Ensure residents voices are heard and community-first decision making.



Profesión:Educator / Technology Manager
Program Manager, NVIDIA Corporation (2003–current)
Environmental and Water Resources Committee, Santa Clara Valley Water District — Cargo designado (2009–current)
Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee, Santa Clara County — Cargo designado (2005–current)
Housing and Community Services Commission, City of Sunnyvale — Cargo designado (2004–2006)
Owner, Visage Consulting (1998–2003)
Information Manager, Chromatic Research, Inc (1994–1998)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, Transportation Policy Advisory Committee, Silicon Valley Leadership Group (2016–current)
President , Rotary Club of Sunnyvale (2012–2013)
Board Secretary, ZYZZYVA Literary Journal (2010–2012)
Board Member, Sunnyvale Community Services (2005–2006)
Board Member, Third Street Community Center (1996–2003)


Nancy Smith works as a program manager where she oversees IT budgets at NVIDIA Corp, the world leader in visual computing technologies.  She served on nonprofit boards and eventually shifted her focus to  serving the community on boards and commissions. During her term as chair of the Santa Clara County Water District Environmental and Water Resources Committee, she set up an innovative system of independent working groups to enable commissioners to explore policy issues and community concerns.

She volunteers with the Department of Engineering at Santa Clara University to develop curriculum for the Experiential Learning for Social Justice track to connect community members with engineers-in-training to discuss paving educational pathways for all.

As chair of the the Water District‘s Environmental and Water Resources Committee (ERWC), Nancy was instrumental in the creation of independent working groups which served to bring policy gaps to the attention of the Board of Directors. One of the most active groups to come out of that was our group called “Policies for Addressing Homeless Pollution of Streams.”  Efforts to address the issue humanely helped lead to the recent Housing Bond measure the County Board of Supervisors put on the ballot.

NVIDIA Corporation appointed her to represent the company on the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Transportation and Housing and Land Use committees.

She joined Rotary in 2006. Nancy served as President of the Sunnyvale Rotary Club from 2011 to 2012. Under her leadership, the Rotary-sponsored youth club at Homestead High School grew from 40 to over 200 members. Her passions are for social and economic justice, self-expression and connecting with people.


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Featured Endorsements

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  • Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
  • San Jose Mercury News

Organizaciónes (9)

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  • Sunnyvale Democratic Club
  • Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters
  • Santa Clara County Democratic Party
  • Peninsula Young Democrats
  • Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
  • Evolve California
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN)

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

As a resident of Sunnyvale and candidate for City Council, I affirm my deeply held belief that government at every level must protect us and our planet.

The lack of affordable housing in our region is displacing thousands. Cars on our roads pour more carbon dioxide into the air as people commute long distances. Our region did not plan adequate housing and public transportation to support the growth from California’s economy becoming the 6th largest in the world, We find ourselves with an urgent need correct the imbalance.

Before we can address threats such as growing income inequality and climate change, we need to take every opportunity to hear each other. I’m running for City Council on a platform of affinity.

We need to listen to each other and to respond to each other out of goodwill and friendship rather than to react in fear and anger. The first step is to seek opportunities to feel affinity toward each other. Together we can face the issues that threaten us all. The guiding principles I hold to be important for Sunnyvale City Council members are that they each strive diligently to:

  • Address climate change
  • Address causes for growing income inequality
  • Make Sunnyvale more age-friendly
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Develop and achieve multi-dimensional sustainability goals

Together, Sunnyvale residents, Council members and staff can restructure how we approach matters of growth and traffic, the increasing age of our population, equality of access and opportunity, and sustainability.

Economic growth in the area has has been an unprecedented boon to some, yet some parts of our community are struggling. Our community can create opportunities for young and old alike.

As your Sunnyvale City Council member, I will work diligently to provide affordable housing, in spite of our jobs/housing imbalance, through infill projects and below market rate units whenever feasible with new property developments.

Our City staff is so busy managing all the new growth and development they have insufficient time to focus on and address quality-of-life issues. We demand more and more from our City staff. The people who work for the City are a great resource and keep the City running and the residents safe and well cared for. We need to support them and recognize their contributions to our community while holding them accountable.

By 2030 one in four Santa Clara County residents will be over the age of 60. Let’s plan now to make our cities more friendly for all residents.

We have a high population of housing-rich, income-poor seniors who find it more and more difficult to stay and just as difficult to leave.

Sunnyvale must form a Commission on Aging so seniors’ voices and concerns are heard in City Hall. We need a city that is a safe, comfortable home for all.

The Valley Transit Authority (VTA) are building a case to increase ridership through more frequent, reliable service. This change, if implemented, will come at the expense of coverage, with the loss of “life-line” routes. Offering high-volume lines with frequent service is a fabulous goal. VTA will look to municipalities to fill the coverage gaps. The City must find a way to provide low-cost or free shuttles for students, seniors and low-income people.

Sunnyvale adopted a living wage ordinance in 2013, but stalled on implementing a wage theft ordinance. This gap impacts single moms and women more than any other group. Women are more likely than any other group of workers to hold minimum wage jobs, and companies cannot be allowed to make wage theft part of their business model.

For years I’ve heard women request more and better child care services.

Sunnyvale must form a Commission on the Status of Women so women’s voices can be heard in City Hall. We need a city that boosts the economic prospects of women, since women make up to 85% of the consumer product purchasing decisions. Helping women helps Sunnyvale’s bottom line.

My vision is to work toward a city where grandparents and grandkids can stay together. It breaks my heart when my friends, young and old are forced to leave our city.

The City must broaden its view on sustainability beyond the environmental. Working toward environmental balance can be an economic engine that leads to cultural, social and economic sustainability as well.

Of the many study issues the Sustainability Commission put forward, none have been selected and prioritized. In 2016 the Council approved funding “sustainability presentations” to educate staff and Council about the tenets of sustainability. The City must speed the pace and even consider using the broader scope of sustainability in planning, land use, and transportation decisions.


Videos (1)

— October 8, 2016 KMTV Silicon Valley Community Media

Brief video stating Nancy Smith's goals and experience.

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