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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Candidato para Miembre de Junta

Photo de Gregory Anderson

Gregory Anderson

VP of Instruction
19,102 votos (24.7%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Put students first. Provide unwavering advocacy for our children, to help them become global citizens with strong academic and critical thinking skills, imbued with a lifelong love of learning.
  • Operate with transparency and involve key stakeholders in decision-making. Engaging students, teachers, parents and community members will ensure decisions are made with broad support in an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Provide strong fiscal stewardship. Foster a culture of oversight in which every taxpayer dollar is well spent and objective and accurate data is used to inform decision-making.



Profesión:Senior Educational Administrator
Vice President of Instruction, Cañada College, Redwood City, CA (2013–current)
Dean, Learning Resources Division, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA (2011–2013)
President, Academic Senate, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA (2010–2011)
Director, Student Success Center, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA (2005–2010)
Director and Senior Lecturer, University of Southern California—American Language Institute (USC-ALI) (2001–2005)


University of Southern California Ph.D., Education (current)
School for International Training M.A., Teaching English as a Second Language (current)

Actividades comunitarias

Executive Board Member , California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers (2015–current)
Co-Director , ACCEL-- Adult-Education College and Career Educational Leadership (2013–current)
Vice President, RP Group (2012–current)
Director, Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges (2011–2013)
Executive Board Member, CATESOL (2005–2007)


Dr Anderson has a masters in teaching and a doctoral degree in education. Gregory has developed his capacities as a leader through three decades of educational experience, from the preschool through the university level. He possesses deep knowledge of strategic planning, curriculum development, faculty development, personnel management, and facilities construction. Gregory currently serves as Chief Instructional Officer at a community college in San Mateo County.


With thirty years of experience in education on four continents, Gregory benefits from countless experiences in teaching, researching, governance, facilities, fiscal management, personnel development, and other areas of educational leadership.  Working in different cultures and learning from leaders across the world and across the state, he has learned how to create structures and improve outcomes for students from pre-k to PhD level.  


Thirty years ago, he first gained a love of teaching while serving as a tutor and peer-advisor at the University of Wisconsin.  After earning BS degrees in speech communication and English (linguistics), he spent 1988 to 1991 as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps in Lesotho, where his main assignment was teaching O-Levels  in the local high school.  He also taught elementary school and, working with local social justice advocates, opened a free adult education site where local women could gain power through improving their literacy and numeracy.


While earning a Master’s degree in TESOL, Dr. Anderson spent several months in Venezuela, teaching executives, oil workers, and preschoolers.  After completing his education at the School for International Training in Vermont, he taught in Saudi Arabia and Florida before moving to Japan, where he taught at two different universities and a community college.  As one of the founding faculty leaders of a newly opened campus of a top Japanese university, Gregory developed skills in strategic planning, curriculum development, facilities construction, and faculty development. Having worked and lived around the world, Gregory has learned languages and led change efforts, serving as Peace Corps teacher in Africa, founding faculty member in Japan, and community volunteer in Central America.


After a long career in education in Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East, Gregory returned to the U.S. to accept a position on the faculty of the University of Southern California.  There, he worked across the entire campus, helping masters and doctoral level students achieve excellence in the classroom.  In 2005, he was appointed the faculty director of the Student Success Center at De Anza College.  There, he became deeply involved in governance, serving as president of the faculty Academic Senate.  He also completed a doctorate in education, benefiting from research and classes in governance, accountability, educational psychology, leadership, and management.  At De Anza, he continued to teach whenever possible, even after being promoted to the Dean of Learning Resources. Since 2013, he has served as the Chief Instructional Officer at ​Cañada College in San Mateo County.

Gregory and his wife Yuki are actively engaged parent volunteers at the CUSD elementary school their children attend.

¿Quién apoya a este candidato?

Featured Endorsements

  • Jim Beall, California State Senator
  • Ro Khanna, Stanford Lecturer in Economics and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for President Obama
  • CEA (Teachers Employee Organization

Organizaciónes (1)

  • Cupertino Education Association (CEA)

Funcionarios electos (12)

  • Kevin Mullin, Assembly Speaker pro Tempore
  • Joseph Di Salvo Trustee, Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Board of Trustees, formerly Principal and Teacher
  • Gene Mullin, California State Assembly member (former) and South San Francisco City Council member (former)
  • Karen Schwarz, Trustee, Community College Governing Board
  • Rod Sinks, Cupertino City Council Member, former Cupertino Mayor
  • Thomas Mohr, Community College Trustee (formerly Superintendent of Schools, College President, and Principal)
  • Maurice D. Goodman, Community College Trustee, former President, South San Francisco Unified School District Board
  • Laura Casas, Vice President, Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees, member Board of the Community College League of Califor
  • Manny Capello, Mayor, City of Saratoga, Professor of Business
  • Alicia C. Aguirre, Redwood City Council Member and College Professor, Formerly Mayor, Academic Senate President, Trustee
  • Richard Holober, Community College Trustee and Executive Director, Consumer Federation of California
  • Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor

Individuos (108)

  • Ro Khanna, Stanford Lecturer in Economics and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for President Obama
  • Lale Yurtseven, College Professor of Business Administration, Director of Entrepreneurship Center
  • Hua Wen, CUSD parent, current educator, former engineer, Stanford Graduate School of Education alumna
  • Tessy Tzoytzoyrakos, University of Southern California, Master Lecturer
  • John K Swensson, Director Global Learning Partnerships, De Anza College, Professor, and Dean formerly Lt. Col., US Army
  • Jenny Robertson, FUHSD parent, former CUSD parent, educator
  • Hoi Y. Poon, Current CUSD parent, Education Consultant, Community Leader
  • Kristin Skager, Professor of Reading, De Anza College, Department Chair
  • James Polk, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
  • Ulysses Pinchon, De Anza College, Professor (retired)
  • Pete Pelkey, CUSD/FUHSD parent, Educator
  • Carrie O'Leary, CUSD/FUHSD parent, public school teacher
  • Tracey Morley, educator, CUSD parent
  • Andee Liljegren, Student, Former Commissioner of Activities, University of Washington, Associated Students of Cañada Col
  • Judy Mowrey, Dean of Library Services, De Anza College (ret.), former CUSD parent
  • Sonia Gada, Elementary school teacher, CUSD parent
  • Dr. Weiwei Gu, Active CUSD parent, UC Berkeley Extension Instructor
  • Alaa Aissi, Senator, Associated Students of the University of California, former President, Associated Students of Cañad
  • Dr. Robert Stockwell Jr., De Anza College, Political Science Department Chair
  • Kristen Parks, Professor of Political Science
  • Hua-Fu Liu, De Anza College, Professor and Mandarin Department Chair
  • Jan Roecks, College of San Mateo, VP Administrative Services
  • Michele DuBarry, Professor of ESL Department, De Anza College
  • Debbie Calcany, longtime CUSD teacher
  • Juli Kirkpatrick, Senior Lecturer, University of Southern California
  • Dr. Jessica Kaven, Chair of Instructional Planning, Coordinator of Honors, Instructional Assessment Coordinator, Profess
  • Doug Hirzel, College Faculty Senate President
  • Dr. Jennifer Hughes, Community College Chief Student Service Officer
  • Dr Barry Gribbons, Deputy Chancellor, Community College
  • Moaty Fayek, Interim Vice President of Workforce Development and Institutional Develpment
  • Sandra Stefani Comerford, Community College Chief Academic Officer
  • Reka Clausen, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
  • Kathy Booth, education researcher and planner, Senior Research Associate, WestEd
  • Mary Binauea, Educator
  • Patrick Perry, Chief Information Officer, California State University System
  • Dr Jackie Reza, Professor and Director of Staff and Organizational Development, De Anza College
  • Dr Anu Khanna, Professor of Intercultural/International Studies and Distinguished Educator, De Anza College
  • Dr David Johnson, Community College Dean, former Professor at Berkeley City College
  • Dr. Linda M. Thor, Chancellor Emeritus, Foothill-De Anza Community College District
  • Liliana Paz, CUSD parent and school volunteer
  • Manish Goel, CUSD parent, De Anza Faculty, High Tech consultant
  • April Pu, High tech executive
  • Dr. Jingmin Zhou, CUSD parent, Engineer and photographer, UC Davis alumnus
  • Liyan Zhao, CUSD/FUHSD parent, active volunteer
  • Jun Zhang, CUSD parent
  • Hong Yu, CUSD parent
  • Nick Ward, CUSD/FUHSD parent, high-tech marketing executive
  • Dr. Wenguang Wang, CUSD parent, high-tech engineer
  • Tow Wang, CUSD parent, school volunteer, computer engineer, co-founder of Biometric Awareness Group
  • Soumya Viswanathan, CUSD parent, tech manager
  • Steve Silverman, CUSD parent
  • Randall Shingai, Former CUSD and FUHSD parent
  • Joanna Shear, Engineer, CUSD parent
  • Roger Qing, Ericsson Inc., Senior software engineer
  • Stephen Proffitt, High Tech Executive, alumnus Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Shridi Prem, CUSD parent, engineer and entrepreneur
  • Bruce Morley, CUSD parent
  • Daphne Meiri, CUSD parent
  • Vivian Liu, CUSD parent, engineer
  • Huixiang Liu, CUSD parent
  • Michelle Lingofelter, CUSD parent and classroom volunteer, former CUSD student
  • Ling Liu, Senior design engineer
  • Dr. Jiayong Le, CUSD parent, School Site Council member, high-tech engineer, Carnegie Mellon University alumnus
  • Jaya Kothule, CUSD parent
  • Dr. Mani Jayaraman, CUSD parent, Scientist
  • May Huang, Former CUSD parent, current CUSD resident
  • Howard Huang, CUSD parent, Director of R&D Engineering, MIT alumnus
  • Neal Hemel, CUSD parent, school volunteer
  • Joe Gorelick, Founder and President Dermatology Education Foundation, Medical Practitioner, CUSD parent
  • Jason Freund, Software Engineer, Motorola Mobility
  • Keith Dart, CUSD parent
  • Colleen D'Amour, CUSD/FUHSD active parent
  • John D'Amour, CUSD/FUHSD parent, tech executive
  • John Chu, Facilities manager
  • Xiaogang Chang, Senior engineering manager, Yahoo!
  • Shawn Cartwright, CUSD parent, tech recruiter
  • Yessica Cai, CUSD parent
  • Soraya Azevedo, CUSD parent
  • Dennis Azevedo, CUSD parent
  • Dr. Kai Zhu, Attorney, Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Community Activist
  • Dr. Yanping Zhao, CUSD/FUHSD parent, high-tech consultant, educator
  • Yang Yang, PTA member, community volunteer
  • Qing Yang, CUSD parent, bio-tech industry training professional
  • Debbie Ward, CUSD parent, former PTA President Meyerholz, former PTSA President Lynbrook, current HSC Treasurer Dilworth
  • Aseem Vaid, CUSD active parent, high-tech executive, Santa Clara Neighborhood Association
  • Linda Sell, Former CUSD parent, Commmunity Leader
  • Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca, Activist and Entrepeneur, Founder of DREAMers Roadmap
  • Patti Pelkey, CUSD/FUHSD parent, labor leader
  • Arnita Proffitt, CUSD parent, marketing executive, alumna Stanford Graduate School of Business and Wharton School (Penn)
  • Jeanette O'Brian, CUSD parent, school volunteer, PFG Treasurer, Finance product manager
  • Carroll McNeill, Former CUSD parent, current CUSD grandparent, Cupertino Neighborhood Block Leader, President Regnart Ri
  • Rachel Lau, Monta Vista High 2017 Graduating Senior, USA Synchro 2016 National Team Member
  • Johnson Lau, FUHSD parent, Tech Executive, BACE supporter
  • Kay Lau, FUHSD parent, Tech Executive, BACE supporter
  • Vivek Karnataki, CUSD active parent, tech professional
  • Wendy Gorelick, CUSD parent, President Saratoga Parent Nursery School Board
  • Jayati Goel, CUSD parent, Entrepreneur, Community Activist
  • Lori Cunningham, CUSD parent
  • Jim Cunningham, CUSD & FUHSD parent organization leader (retired), High-tech engineer and manager (retired)
  • Liana Crabtree, Former public school teacher, 15-year CUSD resident
  • Novey Chou, Former CLIPCO president (2013-2015)
  • Mette Christensen, Former CUSD parent, Community Leader, Tech Entrepreneur
  • Liang Chao, CUSD/FUSD parent, High-tech engineer, Community advocate, Candidate for CUSD board
  • Huan Bell – CUSD parent, PTA leader
  • John Bartas, Board member of Bay Area for Clean Environment, high-tech entrepreneur
  • Dr. Henry Chang, Former CUSD parent, Former PFG president, High-tech Entrepreneur, Brown University and UC Berkeley alum
  • Anna Woo, International Performing Art Center, Founder and Executive Director
  • Art Cohen, CUSD parent, Cupertino Business owner (Bluelight Cinemas), Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Board Director

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