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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of Rancho CucamongaCandidate for Mayor

Photo of Thomas James Reed

Thomas James Reed

Full time Doctoral student,Lacrosse Coach,Educator
4,263 votes (8.28%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Strategic Infrastructure in making sure future developments are low-rise and low-density that fit the character of the city. We can not change current projects, however we can strategically plan together as a city for the future.
  • I believe in economic responsibility, in spending and saving like we do our own families checkbook, and setting aside funds for a rainy day to make sure we are prepared in case anything was to happen like the recession did a decade ago.
  • A top priority I have if elected is to empower our citizens. Our current power structure as a city has our citizens at the top, and I want our residents to feel that way. I want to hear what our citizen's want for the future of our city.



Profession:Full time Doctoral student,Lacrosse Coach,Educator
Tutor of Masters students in Public Administration, Self-Employed (2016–current)
Medical Transcriptionist, Dr. Habib Ismail (2018–current)
Lacrosse Coach for Private Lessons, Self-Employed (2016–current)
Executive Producer for the film "Roots of Lacrosse", International Wood Culture Society (2016–2017)
Neighborhood City Councilman as Director of Area E in Del Rey, CA, Del Rey Neighborhood City Council as a part of the County of Los Angeles — Elected position (2013–2015)
Land Use and Planning Committee Member, Del Rey Neighborhood City Council Land Use and Planning Committee — Appointed position (2013–2015)
Assistant to the Manager, Rosenthal the Malibu Estate Winery (2012–2014)


Long Beach State University Master of Arts, Public Administration (2016)
Pepperdine University Bachelor of Arts, Communication with an Emphasis in Rhetoric and Leadership (2012)

Community Activities

Founder, Native Based Lacrosse (2015–current)


As I focused the last decade of my life on My Bachelor's, Master's and now Doctoral academic pursuits, my jobs have allowed me the flexibility to accomplish my academic endeavors.

With that said, in the gap between my education, I was a full-time employee at Rosenthal Winery Corporate Offices, thus holding private sector business experience.

After I graduate from my doctoral program, I plan to be a University Professor with my credentials, Division 1 Lacrosse Coach, and continue to be a public servant representing and serving others in whatever official or unofficial capacity I can.

Aside from being a doctoral student (to clarify, "doctoral student" or "PhD student" is a more accurate title than "grad student"), I am a tutor for Masters students in Public Administration, I work as a medical transcriptionist, and use my experience as a lacrosse coach for the past 13 years to coach local Rancho Cucamonga families and kids of all ages.

These are the experiences I have been apart of in my pertinent history:
Organization Founding: 
I founded an organization called "Native Based Lacrosse."

Work Experience: 
I currently and previously tutored for Masters level students in public administration. 
I currently am a medical transcriptionist for a MD. 
I was the Executive Producer for and featured in the film, "Roots of Lacrosse." 
I was the Native American Consultant for World Wood Day. 
I am an Ambassador for the full-length film, "Spirit Game" and spoke on behalf of the film at Biola University, The Claremont Colleges, the Historic Roxy Theatre in San Francisco, The Autry Museum in LA, and represented at The Writers Guild Theatre in Hollywood. 
I worked full-time at Rosenthal Winery in their Corporate Offices.
I have coached at:
Los Alamitos High School, Hewes Middle School, Tustin Tigers, Cal State Long Beach, Malibu High School, Pepperdine University, and Oneida.
I have coached various lacrosse clinics, "Run-and-Gun Indoor Lacrosse" and continue to coach private lessons for families.
I was filmed for the film, "Spirit Game" while trying out for the Iroquois National Pro Lacrosse team. 
I worked with kids as a Jumpstart team leader.
I interned in External Affairs and Crafted Communication for the 
National Congress of American Indians.
I interned at 4C Knowledge Startup Software Company.

Volunteer work:
I volunteered with the organization Girls on the Run.
I helped lead Vacation Bible Schools for kids. 
I volunteered coaching speed lacrosse and at Damien High School.
I preached for the organization Young Life and preached at New Life Community Church.
I served with Water of Life Community Church and at Young Life camps nationally and internationally.
I was the Tribune for Sigma Chi.

I was a Member of the National Honors Society with my Master's GPA being 3.86. My Doctoral PhD GPA is 4.0.

I am a candidate that has already served and has experience in public service and urban planning. I served as neighborhood city councilman, director of area E, and on the Land Use and Planning committee from 2013-2015 in Del Rey, CA.
I've worked as a public servant, I've worked with churches and religious groups, I've worked in film and sports, I've worked in business and tech, I've created my own organization, I work with youth, I work in health, I work with students of all ages, I am seasoned in academia and I will continue to lift up the community around me. I believe in the best of people. I want to help create an environment of service. My variety of experience molds me and relates me to people of many backgrounds.

To be clear,
I don't have my paragraph or candidate statement in the ballot because the cost was over $3000 to have one.

I chose to not have titles under my name on the ballot because rules wouldn't let me specify "PhD student" or "doctoral student" but rather solely "student" and I didn't want to give residents the false impression that I was a high school, college or masters student.

My highest paying job was being a medical transcriptionists, and although I enjoy this work, I didn't feel like it added to the mission I was trying to accomplish.

Thus, I humbly let my name speak for itself on the ballot.


Thank you all to my supporters who believe in me, uplift me daily. and believe in my genuine heart to make a difference. I look forward to serving alongside you.
Thomas James Reed for Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga.
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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

The role of Mayor is non-partisan and serves to unify the whole community. Being Mayor is about leading our community and representing the interests, needs, and desires of our people. As Mayor, I am determined to unite our residents and represent their voice. I am registered with no political party intentionally because as a decision-maker, I believe in making the best decisions possible for the good of our citizen’s interests and not feeling pressured to vote along specific party lines. My goal is to transcend division and bring harmony by allowing everyone’s voice to be heard and make everyone feel validated that they have a place at the table

Position Papers

Crime & Public Saftey


Every citizen matters and every crime in our city deserves attention. As mayor of our city, my role would oversee the police department. I would ensure that crime is adequately investigated and that criminals are held responsible for their actions.

Every citizen matters and every crime in our city deserves attention. As mayor of our city, my role would oversee the police department. I would ensure that crime is adequately investigated and that criminals are held responsible for their actions.

I have worked alongside the police force in my former position as a councilman in Del Rey, CA. As a current Ph.D. student, classmates and colleagues have been police chiefs, and I find it imperative that the police force and our municipal government work hand in hand in helping every citizen feel safe. After talking with various residents, I have heard complaints about residents feeling unsafe in certain areas around our city, whether it be in neighborhoods, along the Pacific Electric Trail, etc. These concerns must be addressed immediately.

Also, it has come to my attention that many avid bikers along Route 66 feel unsafe amongst the traffic. A separation of the bike lanes with raised pavement markers would increase the road safety and allow our bikers to feel at ease during their daily commute.

Another issue has been with middle school traffic. Ruth Musser has an unsafe 4-way stop where accidents are very likely to occur during busy hours. Adding in a traffic guard would be a great way to ensure safety for students and drivers.

Lastly, another issue that has come up is the drag racing on Wilson Ave. during the night. It would be imperative to put in a police officer to monitor the area during the night to ensure road safety.



Thank you to all our store owners of local businesses! Private sector development is the key to creating jobs and increasing revenue for our city as we get our revenue primarily from sales tax. 

Thank you to all our store owners of local businesses! Private sector development is the key to creating jobs and increasing revenue for our city as we get our revenue primarily from sales tax. During my Master’s in Public Administration, I studied Public Sector Financial Management and was taught that when businesses in the community flourish, the city has an opportunity to save and spend wisely due to their earnings. Revenue from the city can be used to cover the costs of pensions and benefits of police officers, firefighters, and government employees, as well as, take care of roads, public safety, and public projects like parks. I believe in a free market for businesses in Rancho Cucamonga and believe in developing businesses in a way that reflect the needs of our residents.

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