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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

City of East Palo Alto
Measure P - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


5,389 votes yes (84.6%)

981 votes no (15.4%)

100% of precincts reporting (14/14).

323,303 ballots counted.

To make neighborhoods safer by maintaining rapid police response times/number of police officers patrolling neighborhood streets; repairing streets/potholes; updating drinking water/storm drain infrastructure; maintaining youth/senior programs and other vital City services, shall East Palo Alto enact a one-half cent (1/2%) sales tax that it can only be ended by voters providing about $1,800,000 annually, with citizens' oversight, annual independent audits, all funds benefitting East 'I Palo Alto?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

City Attorney of East Palo Alto

The City Council of the City of East Palo Alto is submitting to the voters the question of whether to approve an ordinance that would add Chapter 3.57 to the Municipal Code to enact a general retail transactions and use tax in accordance with the California Revenue and Taxation Code sections 7251 and following.

If approved by voters, Measure P would enact a one-half cent tax to the price of an item that costs a dollar or one-half of one percent on gross receipts of any retailers from the sale of tangible personal property sold at retail on and after February 28, 2017 (operative date). This is administered and collected by the California Board of Equalization, including delivery charges when such charges are subject to State sales and use tax.

Because Measure P does not limit the use of tax revenue, it is a "general tax", not a "special tax" which restricts the funds to specific purposes. If approved, all proceeds of this local tax will go into the City's general fund to be able to support general city services including but not limited to police, streets, parks, infrastructure such as storm drains and water delivery pipes, and recreation services including youth and senior programs.

An excise tax is imposed on the storage, use, or other consumption of tangible personal property (known as goods) purchased from any retailer in the City on and after the Operative date at the rate of one-half cent of the sales price. The sales price includes delivery charges when such charges are subject to state sales or use tax.

With some exceptions, all provisions of the California Revenue and Taxation Code (sections 6001 and following) are adopted and made part of the ordinance.

A retailer engaged in business in the City shall not be required to collect the use tax unless the retailer ships or delivers the goods into the City or participates within the City in making the sale.

An independent financial audit of revenues generated shall be performed annually. The City Council shall hold a community forum annually to review the independent audit results and discuss use of the revenues generated by the ordinance. The discussion shall include spending priorities as part of the City's annual strategic budget process. The tax proceeds cannot be legally taken by the State.

The authority to levy the tax imposed by Chapter 3.57 shall not expire unless ended by the voters of East Palo Alto.

A "Yes" vote will add Chapter 3.57 as described above to the East Palo Alto Municipal Code to impose a one-half cent sales and use tax until ended by the voters with citizen oversight and independent audits.

A "No" vote will not add Chapter 3.57 to the East Palo Alto Municipal Code and therefore no additional sales and use tax will be enacted in the City of East Palo Alto.

Measure P would be approved if it received a simple majority of "yes" votes. 

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

East Palo Alto continues to make great strides, improving public safety and essential services to enhance our quality of life. This is why we are voting YES on P. Let's keep EPA moving in the right direction.

YES on P ensures our city can maintain and improve police response times, enhance neighborhood patrols, and crime prevention programs.

YES on P will also improve our community services to maintain our quality of life including:

 *Maintaining our streets by fixing potholes and preventing roads from falling into further disrepair

 * Providing healthy drinking water

 * Improving storm drains to prevent flooding

 * Helping fund after-school and summer programs for youth and teens, keeping them off the street and out of trouble

 * Enhancing programs for senior citizens; and

 * Improving our parks

Measure P is NOT a tax on your home or property.

Measure P is NOT applied to prescription drugs or food purchased as groceries.

Measure P captures the sales taxes from over $250,000,000 in purchases by non-residents who shop in East Palo Alto. This additional $1.25 million in revenue will help fund OUR services and priorities. Non-residents who benefit from city services, like police and local roads, will now pay their fair share.

Measure P was developed after receiving input from hundreds of EPA residents and holding five public meetings.

Measure P has strong accountability provisions. It requires annual citizen oversight, annual financial audits, public reporting to help ensure funds are spent LOCALLY in East Palo Alto. By law, ALL funds from Measure P must stay in East Palo Alto.

Join police, public safety leaders, teachers, community stakeholders, and a unanimous City Council: Mayor Donna Rutherford, Vice Mayor Larry Moody, Ruben Abrica, Lisa Gauthier, and Carlos Romero in voting Yes on P!

Remember to vote LOCAL.

For factual information, visit:

/s/ Patricia Foster, Executive Director, Girls to Women

/s/ Olatunde Sobomehin, Director, StreetCode Academy

/s/ Millicent Grant, President, East Palo Alto Senior Center

/s/ Bernardo Huerta, Journeyman Plumber, Local 467

/s/ Isaiah Vi, Education Advocate 


Arguments AGAINST

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