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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

Cupertino Union School DistrictCandidate for Board Member

Photo of Liang-Fang "Liang" Chao

Liang-Fang "Liang" Chao

Parent/High-tech Engineer
22,478 votes (29.06%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Students First - I will ensure students receive a 21st century education. Programs must require high standards with critical, collaborative and reflective thinking; decisions should actively engage teachers and address parents’ concerns.
  • Fiscal Health - I will demand long-term planning to hold the district accountable. We will align the budget with strategic priorities that directly impact students and classrooms.
  • Stakeholder Engagement - I will work to build partnerships and collaborate to solve problems that impact our families, teachers and staff to improve the quality of life for all.



Profession:School Volunteer and Community Advocate, Former University Professor, Former Engineer
Sr Member of Consulting Staff, Cadence Design Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA (1998–2016)
Researcher, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany (1996–1998)
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (1993–1996)


Princeton University Ph.D., Computer Science (1993)
National Chiao Tung University M.S., Computer Engineering (1988)
National Chiao Tung University B.S., Computer Engineering (1986)

Community Activities

Founder and Teacher of Math Olympiad and Math Circle Classes, At a local school and outside school hours (2010–current)
Coach of Student Teams for Maker Faire, Young Maker Club for Maker Faire (2013–current)
Board Member - outdoor science education for underprivileged children, YMCA Camp Campbell (2015–current)
Library Story Time Host, San Jose Public Library (2005–2006)


Dr. Liang-Fang "Liang" Chao (趙良方) and her husband Weixun Cao have lived in Cupertino for 18 years, raising their two sons who attend the Cupertino Union School District. Liang holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University, and has taught at the university level in the United States and abroad prior to moving to Silicon Valley. After a career in high-tech, Liang now devotes her time to education and community issues.

Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Cupertino Education Association (Teachers employee organization)
  • Ro Khanna - Stanford Lecturer in Economics and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for President Obama
  • Silicon Valley Chinese Association

Organizations (3)

  • Cupertino Education Association (Teachers employee organization)
  • BetterCupertino Community Group
  • Silicon Valley Chinese Association

Elected Officials (6)

  • Darcy Paul - Councilmember, City of Cupertino
  • Cheriel Jensen - Former Saratoga City Council Member
  • Yang Shao - Board Member, Fremont Unified School District
  • Joseph Di Salvo - Board Member, Santa Clara County Office of Education
  • Kansen Chu - California State Assemblymember District 25, former San Jose City Councilmember
  • Rishi Kumar - Councilmember, City of Saratoga

Individuals (214)

  • Perla Ni - Founder of GreatNonprofits, JD Harvard, U.C. Berkeley alumna, Spokesperson for SaveMenlo
  • Dr. Aidong Chen - CUSD parent, founder of Tech Junior Society
  • Xiaomao Zhu - CUSD parent
  • Wenjuan Zhu - CUSD parent
  • Joanne Zhou - Managing Partner at The Zhou Law Group
  • Dr. Jingmin Zhou – CUSD parent, Engineer and photographer, U.C. Davis alumnus
  • Cindy Zheng - CUSD parent
  • Yang Zhao - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Suling Zhao - CUSD parent, director of biostatistics
  • Liyan Zhao - CUSD parent, information systems analyst, community volunteer
  • Jenny Zhao – CUSD/FUHSD parent
  • Yiming Zhang - Lawyer
  • Wen Lei Zhang
  • Victor Zhang - CUSD parent, engineer
  • Penny Zhang - CUSD parent, former engineer
  • Michael Zhang - Sr. Scientist at biotech company
  • Linglan Zhang – CUSD parent, EMBA, Senior Research Manager - Samsung, U.S.C. and U.C. Berkeley alum
  • Ling Zhang - CUSD parent, PTA member, senior high-tech engineer
  • Jun Zhang - CUSD parent, senior design manager
  • Jean Zhang - Engineer
  • Ling Zhan
  • Kelly Zhai - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Yan Yu
  • Hua Yu
  • Hong Yu - CUSD parent, engineer
  • Yu Ying
  • Yawei Yin - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Shaozhi Ye - CUSD Parent, Software Engineer, Tsinghua and U.C. Davis alumnus
  • Dan Ye
  • Dongming Yao - high-tech manager, community volunteer
  • Yang Yang - Community volunteer, PTA member
  • Dr. Xiangying Yang - CUSD resident, community volunteer, senior software engineer
  • Siying Yang - CUSD parent
  • Qing Yang – CUSD parent, bio-tech industry training professional
  • Julia Yang - former CUSD parent
  • Hua Yang - Chemist
  • Dulce Yang - Senior engineer
  • Ying Yan - Business Analyst at high-tech Fortune 50 company
  • Catherine Yan
  • Jason Xu-Zhang - CUSD parent
  • Yuan Xu - CUSD parent, engineering director
  • Yi Xu - CUSD parent, Engineering Lead, Writer, Community volunteer, Stanford Alumnus
  • Dr. Xiaopeng Xu - Former CUSD parent, volunteer, high tech manager, Brown University alumnus
  • Xiangchen Xu - CUSD parent
  • Hongfei Xu - CUSD parent, senior engineer
  • Weifang Xie - CUSD parent
  • Pingping Xia
  • Susan Wu - CUSD parent
  • Ling Willis
  • John Willey - CUSD parent, California Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Emma Wei - CUSD parent
  • Nick Ward – CUSD parent, high-tech marketing executive
  • Yuehe Wang
  • Xinhua Wang - CUSD parent, high-tech engineer
  • Dr. Xiaowen Wang – CUSD parent, Wireless Systems Engineer, Tsinghua University Alumna
  • Xiaoguang Wang - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Wenguang Wang – CUSD parent, high-tech engineer
  • Stephen Wang
  • Julia Wang - CUSD parent, chemist
  • Hal Wang
  • David Wang - principal hardware engineer
  • Cathy Wang - Former CUSD parent, high-tech executive
  • Soumya Viswanathan - CUSD parent, tech manager
  • Isabel Tserng
  • Jun Tong - CUSD parent
  • Jinhong Tong
  • Dr. Sam Sun - FUHSD parent
  • Yuwen Su - Former CUSD parent
  • Steve Silverman – CUSD parent
  • Dr. Tao Shui - Hardware Sensing Manager
  • Eric Schaefer - FUHSD parent
  • Jenny Robertson – Former CUSD parent, UCSD and Carnegie Mellon alumna
  • Vrushali Raut
  • Shenzhi Qiu – CUSD parent, financial professional in high tech public company
  • Roger Qing - Senior software engineer
  • Dr. Jinyuan Qiao - CUSD parent
  • Yunqian Qi - CUSD parent, entrepreneur, engineer, Tsinghua University alumus
  • Stephen Proffitt – CUSD parent, high tech executive, alumnus Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Shridi Prem - CUSD parent, engineer and entrepreneur
  • Liliana Paz - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Qin Pan - CUSD parent, school volunteer, 7 yr breast cancer walker
  • Yan Meng
  • Dr. Yunqing Ma - CUSD, FUHSD parent
  • Dr. Jessie Ma - CUSD parent volunteer
  • Hong Luo - CUSD parent, engineer
  • Dr. Xi Lu - CUSD parent
  • Tracy Lu
  • Qi Lu - CUSD parent, aerospace engineer
  • Xuemei Lou
  • Vivian Liu, CUSD parent, engineer
  • Min Liu – CUSD parent, former engineer
  • Ling Liu - Senior analog design engineer
  • Linda Liu - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Dongmei Liu - Active CUSD parent
  • Yuan Lin - CUSD parent
  • Jonathon Lin
  • Yixin Li
  • Xiang Li - CUSD parent
  • Qing Li - CUSD parent
  • Dong Li - CUSD parent
  • De Xiong Li - CUSD parent, software engineer, angel investor
  • Li Li - CUSD parent, design manager
  • Dr. Jiayong Le – CUSD parent, School Site Council member, high-tech engineer, Carnegie Mellon University alumus
  • Ralph Lao - Software architect
  • Vivek Karnataki - CUSD parent, high-tech professional
  • Nichole Jin - CUSD parent, high-tech industry professional
  • HongLing Jin
  • Dr. Mani Jayaraman – CUSD parent, Scientist
  • Yi Huang - CPA
  • May Huang - Former CUSD parent, CUSD resident
  • Howard Huang – CUSD parent, Director of R&D Engineering, MIT alumnus
  • Carrie Huang
  • Yz Hu - CUSD parent
  • John Ho – CUSD parent, volunteer, architect at high-tech start-up
  • Xiaoli He - CUSD parent
  • Yan Han – CUSD parent, Licensed Professional Engineer, UCLA alumnus
  • Joy Han - CUSD parent, engineer
  • Tony Guan - CUSD parent
  • Jan Gu
  • Wenfei Gong - 10-year resident, local volunteer, and parent of former Cupertino student
  • Grace Ge - Director of Biostatistics
  • Susie Gao - CUSD parent, director at high-tech firm
  • Dr. Ping Gao - CUSD parent and PTO member, engineer
  • Mike Ferris - Sr. Engineering Manager
  • Miriam Ferris
  • Dr. Young Feng - CUSD parent
  • Dr. Huiyu Feng - CUSD parent, high-tech engineer
  • Yu Fei
  • Marge Faucher - Former CUSD parent, Artist
  • Weilin Ding - Sr. TME
  • Dr. Ping Ding - software engineer
  • John D'Amour - CUSD/FUHSD parent, Tech Executive
  • Colleen D'Amour – CUSD/FUHSD parent
  • Dr. Xiaoming Cui - CUSD parent, senior applications engineer
  • Roger Creedon
  • John Chu - U.C. Berkeley Alumnus
  • Neal Hemel – CUSD parent
  • Chuenhuei Chou - CUSD parent, engineer
  • Christine Cheng - CUSD parent
  • Zhi Chen - CUSD parent
  • Yinhong Chen
  • Dr. Wendy Chen - M.D.
  • Wei Chen - CUSD PTA Volunteer
  • Li Chen - CUSD parent
  • Hong Chen
  • Luna Chen
  • Lee Chen
  • Govind Tatachari - Former CUSD parent
  • Phyllis Dickstein - Retired community member
  • Tracey Morley - CUSD parent
  • Manju Patwardhan - CUSD parent
  • Viraj Raut
  • Shawn Cartwright – CUSD parent, Tech Recruiter
  • Weixun Cao
  • Jason Freund - CUSD parent, Sr. Engineering Manager
  • Caryl Gorska - Former CUSD parent, 10-year resident, local volunteer
  • Sujuan Cai – CUSD parent, Nurse Practitioner, UC Davis PhD candidate, University of North Carolina alumna
  • Dennis Azevedo - CUSD parent
  • Soraya Azevedo - CUSD parent
  • Elaine O'Neill - CUSD alumni, Registered Nurse, member of Santa Clara County Breastfeeding Committee
  • Lisa Warren – former CUSD parent/employee. former PTA/School Site Council member, multiple PTA awards
  • Tow Wang – CUSD parent, school volunteer, computer engineer, co-founder of Biometric Awareness Group
  • Aseem Vaid – CUSD parent, high-tech executive, leader Pruneridge Neighborhood Alliance
  • Randy Shingai – Former CUSD & FUHSD parent and 36 year CUSD resident, community activist
  • Julie Treichler - CUSD parent, engineer, former CASA, community organizer/volunteer, University of Waterloo alumna
  • Nagapriya Tiruthani - CUSD parent, 2 term School Site Council member, Software Engineer
  • Danessa Techmanski - Former CUSD parent, CUSD volunteer
  • Dr. Kai Zhu – Attorney, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Community Activist, and Berkeley Law Alumnus
  • Dr. Qiushuang Zhang - CUSD parent, Senior R&D Engineer, PTA board member, NTIS president
  • Linda Sell – Former CUSD parent, Community Leader
  • Debbie Ward – CUSD parent, former PTA President Meyerholz, former PTSA President Lynbrook, current HSC Treasurer Dilwort
  • Arnita Proffitt – CUSD parent, parent volunteer, marketing executive, alumna Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Patti Pelkey – CUSD/FUHSD parent, labor leader
  • Carroll McNeill - Former CUSD Parent, Cupertino Neighborhood Block Leader, President - Regnart Ridge Homeowners Assn
  • Michelle Guo - Parent volunteer of local Girl Scout troop, former PTO board member of Eaton Elementary School
  • Jayati Goel - CUSD/FUHSD parent, Entrepreneur, and Community Activist
  • Mette Christensen - Community Leader, High-Tech Entrepreneur
  • Novey Chou - Former CLIPCO president (2013-2015)
  • Dr. Henry Chang – Former CUSD parent, Former PFG president, High-tech Entrepreneur, Brown University alum
  • Andy Frazer - Former Sunnyvale Sustainability Commissioner, U.C. Berkeley alumus, software engineer
  • Jim Cunningham - CUSD & FUHSD parent organization leader(ret.), High-tech engineer and manager (ret.), and U.C.L.A. Alum
  • Huan Bell – CUSD parent, PTA leader
  • Richard Bernhardt - former CUSD parent, Managing Director at Bernhardt Communications Company
  • Rachel Lau - Monta Vista 2017 Graduating Senior, USA Synchro 2016 National Team Member
  • Kay Lau - FUHSD parent, tech executive, Bay Area for Clean Environment supporter
  • Johnson Lau - FUHSD parent, tech executive, Bay Area for Clean Environment supporter
  • Ann Woo - Founder and Executive Director, International Performing Arts Center
  • Dr. Albert Wang - Chair of the Board of Directors at Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group, physician
  • John Bartas - Board member, Bay Area for Clean Environment, high-tech entrepreneur
  • Ruth Littmann Ashkenazi - California State PTA Continuing Service Award 2015 recipient, CHS Speech & Debate Boosters
  • Dr. Yanping Zhao – CUSD parent, high-tech consultant, educator
  • Hua Wen - CUSD parent, Former engineer, current educator, Stanford Graduate School of Education alumna
  • Hoi Y. Poon – CUSD parent, Education Consultant, Community Leader
  • Pete Pelkey – CUSD/FUHSD parent, educator
  • Ben Maisel - CUSD teacher
  • Carrie O'Leary – CUSD/FUHSD parent, public school teacher
  • Madeline Kasof - CUSD retired teacher (31 years), former CUSD parent
  • Dr. Weiwei Gu - Active CUSD parent, U.C. Berkeley Extension Instructor and UC Davis Alumnus
  • Wendy Gorelick – CUSD parent, President Saratoga Parent Nursery School
  • Manish Goel - CUSD/FUHSD parent, De Anza College Faculty, High Tech consultant
  • Liana Crabtree - Former public school teacher, 15-year CUSD resident
  • Li Chiang - CUSD teacher
  • Lori Cunningham - CUSD parent
  • Ro Khanna - Stanford Lecturer in Economics and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for President Obama
  • Gregory Anderson - VP of Instruction
  • Aravind Balakrishnan - Engineering executive, food shelter volunteer, 17 yr Cupertino resident, Purdue alumnus
  • Andrea Lin
  • Alan Penn
  • Shawn Si - High Tech Investor, CUSD FUHSD community member
  • Jenny Yuan - District parent, FUHSD Board candidate
  • Shuyi Tang
  • Dr. Irene Haiyun Zhang -CUSD parent, founder of Meyerholz Math Olympiad Club

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