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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election

City of Antioch
Measure G Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

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Election Results


6,522 votes yes (36.6%)

11,299 votes no (63.4%)

100% of precincts reporting (49/49).

278,127 ballots counted.

Shall the office of City Treasurer be appointed?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Derek P. Cole, Interim City Attorney

Under California !aw, the city treasurer is a mandatory officer of a city government Among other things, the city treasurer is responsible for the deposit and handling of city funds, making of city payments, and preparation of reports regarding city expenditures and fund balances.

California law allows the city treasurer position to be elected or appointed. If the position is elected, the city treasurer serves for a term of four years., Presently, the Antioch city treasurer position is an elected one.

A number of cities in California have experienced vacancies in their elected treasurer positions due to a lack of candidates. In many cities, the treasurers' duties are also exercised by finance departments. This is the case in Antioch, where the city's finance director is principally responsible for tl1e city's financial affairs. The present elected treasurer has advised that her responsibilities only require less than one day of her time every other week.

Measure G would change the city treasurer position in Antioch to be an appointed, rather than elected, office. If the measure is approved, voters would no longer elect the city treasurer. The ability to hire, fire, and supervise the city treasurer would reside exclusively in the City Council, or any officer the Council designates, such as the City Manager.

If Measure G is approved, city administration has indicated it would have its finance director exercise the duties and responsibilities of the treasurer position. City administration estimates the city would save $22,400 each year because it would not have to pay salary and benefits to a separately elected treasurer.

If Measure G is not approved, the city treasurer position would remain an elected position, and voters would continue to choose the city treasurer for four-year terms.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

The Antioch City Council's of the mid 1990s and early 2000s transferred virtually all of the duties of the City Treasurer to the Finance Director and an outside professional investment firm. At the same time, the position of City Treasurer was changed from a full-time salaried job to a ceremonial position receiving the same salary of a Council Member - $942.20 a month plus a transportation allowance and participation in the City's Medical Cafeteria Plan.

Today, the elected City Treasurer's duties involve writing a pro forma one page staff report cover sheet to the "Treasurer's Report", which is prepared by the Finance Department, introducing the outside professional investment firm to present the Quarterly Investment Report; and, twice a year requesting each department to submit a list of who in their department is authorized to write Field Checks,

Annual audits of City investments and its financials are conducted by an outside professional audit firm.

The elected City Treasurer no longer oversees City's investments, monies, signing of warrants, reconciling bank statements or preparing reports on the financial condition of the City.

Yes, the City Treasurer's signature does appear on each check issued by the City, but it is an auto-signature, same as the US Treasurer's signature on every Federal Reserve Note in your wallet.

The long serving current elected City Treasurer firmly believes it is time to change this position to an appointed position. The appointment would be made to the Finance Director at no increased salary or benefits, saving the City about $20,400 to $30,500 a year.

Two-thirds of the 482 cities in California have changed their Treasurer from elected to appointed for these same reasons; and many of the remaining cities are in the process of asking their citizens to do the same.

Vote YES on Measure G.

Wade Harper, Mayor, City of Antioch

Donna Conley, Antioch City Treasurer

Tony Tiscareno, Antioch City Council

Mary Helen Rocha, Antioch City Council

Donald P. Freitas, Former Mayor, City of Antioch

— Contra Costa Election Department

Replies to Arguments FOR

None Filed

— Contra Costa Election Department

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