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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
Party Committee

Los Angeles County Democratic Party — Democratic PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Assembly District 45

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Richard Mathews

Computer System Architect
9,812 votes (8.29%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Continue fighting to protect us from effects of the Porter Ranch natural-gas blowout and from future leaks.
  • Taking the strongest action technologically possible to stop Global Warming, and taking steps to prepare for whatever warming we cannot prevent.
  • Creating jobs, including by building high-tech infrastructure to enable economic growth that will create even more jobs.



Profession:Computer System Architect and nine-year member of the Democratic Central Committee, working to make it a better party.
Alternate Member, Democratic Central Committee — Appointed position (2015–current)
Member, Democratic Central Committee — Elected position (2008–2015)
Regional Vice Chair, Democratic Central Committee — Elected position (2012–2015)
Member, Executive Board of State Party — Elected position (2011–2015)
Alternate Member, Democratic Central Committee — Appointed position (2007–2008)


Catech Physics (1983)

Community Activities

Member of the Board, Save Porter Ranch (2016–current)
Member of the Board, Summer Science Program (2007–2015)


I am running to continue to represent California's 45th Assembly District as a member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee (LACDP).

Until recently, I was running for State Senate on a platform of using sound science to develop good policy in Sacramento. I am now looking at a different path to achieve this, but the goal is the same.

I was elected to LACDP in 2008 and previously served as an alternate to the Chairman of my Assembly District Delegation. I have served as the party's Regional Vice Chair and as Secretary of the Delegation and thus have been responsible for organizing endorsement interviews of local candidates across the entire northern part of the county. I consider this to be one of County Committee's most important functions.

I also serve on LACDP's Rules Committee, which has been working on Bylaws changes to help improve the operation of our Party.

LACDP elected me to also serve on the Executive Board of the State Central Committee (DSCC), where I also serve on the Legislation Committee.

I appreciate your support.


I am tired of conservatives asserting that they are the only ones with family values. My family is very important to me, as I am sure yours is to you. I feel it is the government's responsibility to protect family values by providing the infrastructure necessary for each family to prosper in its own way.

I am a San Fernando Valley native and have lived my whole life in this area. I was born in Encino and have lived most of my life around Chatsworth, where I am now, and Porter Ranch.

Some of my earliest activist was marching for Cesar Chavez to boycott grapes. I worked in the McGovern campaign. I walked precincts for my mother's congressional campaign.

My family has taught me the importance of protecting all families, not just those who fit some specific mold. Families must be given the freedom to prosper in their own way while being empowered with great opportunities including good jobs, quality education, affordable health care, and a safe environment. Those are family values I cherish.

The Importance of Education

I have served as Parliamentarian and Member of the Board of Trustees of The Summer Science Program, an educational non-profit that provides teenagers with an opportunity to study math, physics, and astronomy in a college-like environment and to work on a real science project with real scientists.

After 12 years of public school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, I went to Caltech in Pasadena where I majored in astronomy and physics.

I left physics to become a software engineer and manager. I was a principal in a small start-up company in Calabasas designing computer storage products. I was Chief Technology officer at another computer company in Chatsworth. I previously worked for 8 years at Micro Memory, a small but long established company in Chatsworth. Before that, I was at Sun Microsystems for 9 years.

I learned much from my contrasting experiences with these different companies. Micro Memory did its own production in the United States until it was bought out and shut down by a much larger company. Sun has been outsourcing many jobs to India and other foreign countries. More recently I got to see the entrepreneurial side with a start-up. We must work harder to keep jobs here. Creating jobs for many must be more important than profits that go to only a few. For this country to be a technological leader, we need quality public education including the right to go to college. We should invest in basic research done in the United States by citizens and permanent residents.

Political Activism

I am President of North Valley Democratic Club, with whom I have a very long association.

I joined the County Central Committee in 2007. That led to much more, as the County Committee elected me to State Committee and then the the Executive Board of the State Committee. I was honored to be appointed to the county Rules Committee and the state Legislation Committee.

In these roles I have sponsored a number of successful resolutions at the state and county level, and I have added some important issues into the state platform. I wrote the state party position calling for increasing the minimum wage. I wrote the party platform provision that calls for phasing out nuclear power. I have pushed for nuclear safety, for ending the death penalty, for protecting American jobs, and for calling for the state party to make resources available to win seats for Democrats in all 58 counties. I have consistently stood for protecting our values including good jobs, quality education, affordable health care, and a safe environment.

I have been a leader in the voter protection movement and in the fight against abuse of administration power. As the lead researcher on impeachment of President Bush, I have worked closely with the national leaders of Progressive Democrats of,, and

I was shocked by the abuse of power by the Bush administration and saddened by the failure of Congress to assert its constitutional authority. We must not set a precedent that future presidents can commit all the same abuses and worse.

I hope you will send me back to continue these efforts and more to protect our values. Please send me ideas you have for positions that the Democratic Party should be taking.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Evolve California
  • RL Miller, chair of the California Democratic Party' Environmental Caucus

Organizations (1)

  • North Valley Democratic Club

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy


There is no issue as crucial as protecting the environment. The environmental damage being done today may take thousands of years to repair. We could even be facing mass extinction and the end of life as we know it. We must reduce CO2 emissions, reduce dependence on all oil, protect all species and preserve their habitat, and ensure our water supply and clean air.

I've been a leader in fighting to protect us from the terrible and continuing effects of the Porter Ranch natural-gas blowout and from future leaks. I am fighting to see that we finally clean up to radioactive and toxic mess above our homes at the Santa Susana Field Lab, site of a nuclear power meltdown and dumping of nuclear and poisonous waste. I will continue fighting to get a fracking moratorium and get us to end the use of all fossil fuels which transitioning to new infrastructure that keeps our economy strong.

Cleaning up Government

Corruption in government undermines almost everything we need to accomplish. We need Clean Money at all levels of government. We won't end political corruption while campaign contributions remain legal bribery. The conservative activists of the Supreme Court have made this worse by granting rights to corporations.

Health Care

We must build on the success of Obamacare and make it even better, adding a public option open to all customers including employer plans. Ultimately, we should not settle for less than universal care; and a single-payer system would be best way to achieve that.

Public Education

We must meet the needs of all students, from preschool to college.

Some parents may choose private school for their children. Others do very well with home schooling. For those for whom such choices are not the best, we need to provide quality public schools. I spent 12 years as a student in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and in that time I observed the wonderful things that public education can achieve while also seeing the many ways in which we can improve.


I strongly support the right to reproductive choice. Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. We must have complete freedom from government involvement in such decisions. Women must have complete freedom to choose, and doctors must have complete freedom to assist in that choice.



I support the platform passed by the 2016 California Democratic Convention. I even contributed several points to the platform. As it states so well in the preamble to an earlier version, I "believe in people: poor and wealthy, old and young, woman and man, immigrant and American-born. We believe that this is America's strength: different people uniting, working together for the good of each and for the good of all."

Videos (4)

— April 27, 2016 Marshall Ross Thompson, Malibu Democratic Club

Richard Mathews speaking to Malibu Democratic Club

— April 27, 2016 Raymond Lutz, Citizens' Oversight Projects

Richard Mathews discussing the impacts of the Porter Ranch natural-gas blowout.

— April 27, 2016 Raymond Lutz, Citizens' Oversight Project

Richard Mathews discusses the issues and his background, including how it is important to bring sound science to policy making.

— April 27, 2016 Malibu Democratic Club

Santa Susana Field Lab above Chatsworth and West Hills was the site of a nuclear power meltdown and dumping of radioactive and toxic waste. In the many decades since that happened, it still has not been cleaned up. We need to get it down NOW, and we need to get it done THOROUGHLY.

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