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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election

City of TorranceCandidate for City Council

Photo of Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths

Appointed Incumbent
12,880 votes (19.8%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Continue with improvements to streets, sidewalks and our city water system. These and other infrastructure improvements increases the quality of life for our residents and attracts new businesses to our community.
  • Public safety is the most important responsibility of our city government. Achieving state-of-the-art public safety by supporting our police officers and firefighters, improving our Torrance Alerts system, increasing the number of crossing guards an
  • Improving how our city government serves residents. This means improving senior services, supporting our schools, helping residents resolve view issues related to tree and vegetation growth, preserving our historic homes and by making our city websi



Profession:Torrance City Councilmember
Planing Commissioner, Planning Commission — Appointed position (2014–2014)
Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commissioner, Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commission — Appointed position (2006–2013)
Owner, MICON Computer Systems (1986–2000)

Community Activities

Volunteer Leader, Torrance-South Bay YMCA (1997–current)
Board Member, Torrance Salvation Army (2014–current)
Board Member, Torrance-South Bay YMCA (2014–current)


It has been my honor to serve as your Torrance City Councilmember, and during this election cycle, I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how our city government can serve you better.


A native Southern Californian, I have lived in Torrance for 33 years.  I’m the father of two sons, now 22 and 24, who both attended Torrance Public Schools from Kindergarten to graduation from South High. Their participation in programs like AYSO soccer, Little League and School Band made an important difference in their lives, so I am forever grateful for this city and this community.

I love Torrance, it’s a great place to live.  We have vibrant businesses, excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and friendly people who care about our community. In 1986, I started my own Computer Systems and Networking business here in Torrance, which, after almost 15 years of growth, I sold in 2000, just prior to the so-called ‘dot-com’ crash. Being a business owner and employer has helped me understand the challenges local business owners face every day.

Over the past 20 years, I have devoted myself to giving back to the community which has meant so much to my family and me. I want to see our City remain a vibrant place to live, a place that people want to live, work, and shop.


I began volunteering with the Torrance South-Bay YMCA.  I have helped raise millions of dollars to help those who could not afford the important programs the Y conducts, especially for youths and seniors.


Along with the YMCA, I have also been a regular volunteer with the Salvation Army, helping seniors get the services they need most.


I am proud to now serve on the executive boards of both the YMCA and the Salvation Army.


I also have the longest record of service on City Commissions.  I have served on the Planning Commission and on the Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commission.  My years of work on City Commissions has helped made me a more effective City Councilmember and has given voters a clear record of my positions on the most important issues that face our city.


As my children attended Torrance schools, I have also volunteered regularly at our local schools, this included band board, graduation committee and field trip chairperson.


I also was fortunate enough to have had the time to be the primary caretaker for both of my parents as they each fought, and ultimately lost their battles against cancer over the past 12 years. This process taught me more than all my years of school and work combined, strengthening my patience and compassion, and allowing me to fulfill the dedication a son owes his parents.

Here is that updated bio.  Mostly about your background and not issues.  Your statement hits the issues.  Let me know what you think and I will have our proffer finish it on Monday.



Now, serving on the City Council, I have worked hard to meet the needs of residents and balance our financial responsibilities.  Sometimes, that meant making tough decisions and sometimes that meant standing up for what I knew was the right thing to do.



I hope you will join me in making Torrance an even better place to live.


Please vote for Mike Griffiths for Torrance City Council on June 7th and allow me continue my service to our wonderful city.


For more information please visit www.iLikeMike16.

Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Ken Miller, Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
  • Dee Hardison, Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
  • Frank Scotto, Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner

Organizations (1)

  • The Daily Breeze

Elected Officials (24)

  • Bill Sutherland, Former Councilmember
  • Gene Barnett, Councilmember
  • Geoff Rizzo, Councilmember
  • Tim Goodrich, Councilmember
  • Heidi Ashcraft, Councilmember
  • Don Knabe, LA County Supervisor, 4th District
  • Mark Steffen, Torrance School Board Member
  • Terry Ragins, Torrance School Board Member
  • Martha Deutsch, Torrance School Board Member
  • Michael Wermers, Torrance School Board Member
  • Linda Barnett, Former Torrance City Treasurer
  • Marcia Cribbs, Former Councilmember
  • Bill Applegate, Former Councilmember, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
  • Maureen O'Donnell, Former Councilmember, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner, LA County Beach Commissioner
  • George Nakano, Former Councilmember and Former State Assemblyman
  • Jack Messerlian, Former Councilmember
  • Don Lee, Former Councilmember and Current School Board Member
  • Mike Mauno, Former Councilmember
  • Rod Guyton, Former Councilmember
  • Hope Witkowsky, Former Councilmember
  • Cliff Numark, Former Councilmember, Board Member at El Camino College
  • Susan Rhilinger, Former Councilmember
  • Tom Brewer, Former Councilmember
  • Ted Lieu, Congressman, 33rd District US House of Representatives, and Former Torrance City Councilman

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I’m not a political animal, my highest ambition has only been to serve this community that has meant so much to my family and me.  And, to share the quality of life I have enjoyed here in Torrance with this generation and the next.

Position Papers

Large number of elected officials and residents support Mike


Here is the compleate list of endorsements for Mike Griffiths.

  Endorsed by the Daily Breeze
Elected/Former Elected Officials:
Ken Miller Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Dee Hardison Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Frank Scotto Former Mayor, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Ted Lieu Congressman, 33rd District US House of Representatives, and Former Torrance City Councilman
Heidi Ashcraft Councilmember
Gene Barnett Councilmember
Geoff Rizzo Councilmember
Tim Goodrich Councilmember
Bill Sutherland Former Councilmember
Tom Brewer Former Councilmember
Susan Rhilinger Former Councilmember
Cliff Numark Former Councilmember, Board Member at El Camino College
Hope Witkowsky Former Councilmember
Rod Guyton Former Councilmember
Mike Mauno Former Councilmember
Don Lee Former Councilmember and Current School Board Member
Jack Messerlian Former Councilmember
George Nakano Former Councilmember and Former State Assemblyman
Maureen O'Donnell Former Councilmember, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner, LA County Beach Commissioner
Bill Applegate Former Councilmember, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Marcia  Cribbs Former Councilmember
Steve Aspel Redondo Beach Mayor
Michael DiVirgilio Hermosa Beach Councilmember
Linda Barnett Former Torrance City Treasurer
Michael Wermers Torrance School Board Member
Martha Deutsch Torrance School Board Member
Terry Ragins Torrance School Board Member
Mark Steffen Torrance School Board Member
Russell Lefevre Director, Metropolitan Water District
Steve Napolitano Senior Deputy for LA County Supervisor Don Knabe
John Neu Retired Torrance Police Chief
Dr. Owen Griffith Resident, Former TUSD School Board President, and Jared Sydney Torrance Award Winner
Don Knabe LA County Supervisor, 4th District
Mark Waronek Councilmember, City of Lomita
Dave Albert Former Mayor of Lomita
City Commissioners:  
Kathleen Davis Commission on Aging
Ghislaine Davis Commission on Aging
Lynda Kraemer Commission on Aging
Biruta Virobik Commission on Aging
Steven Hsiao Airport Commission
Peter Donnellan Airport Commission
Melvin Glass Airport Commission
Timothy Bohen Airport Commission
Howard Orpe Airport Commission
Dan Feliz Cable TV Advisory Board
Michael Kosidlak Cable TV Advisory Board
Lynn Brennan Cable TV Advisory Board
Asam Sheikh Civil Service Commission
Keith Montoya Civil Service Commission
Bridget Lewis Civil Service Commission
Ed Candioty Cultural Arts Commission
Dale Korman Cultural Arts Commission
Greg Taylor Cultural Arts Commission
David DeWitt Environmental Quality and Energy Cons Comm
Scott Gobble Environmental Quality and Energy Cons Comm
James Montgomery Environmental Quality and Energy Cons Comm
Charles Deemer Environmental Quality and Energy Cons Comm
Allen Ravine Library Commission
Harry Ross Library Commission
Toni Sargent Library Commission, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Karen Greenberg Parks & Rec Commission
Laurie Love Parks & Rec Commission
Todd Hays Parks & Rec Commission
Andrea Reilly Parks & Rec Commission
Judy Gibson Planning Commission
Richard Tsao Planning Commission
Steve Skoll Planning Commission
Cindy Scotto Social Services Commission, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Aurelio Mattucci Social Services Commission, Founder - Unified Small Business Alliance
Charlotte Svolos Social Services Commission
Mei-Ling See Social Services Commission
Mark Ragins Social Services Commission
Dan Thomas Traffic Commission
Bob Habel Traffic Commission
Dave Sargent Traffic Commission, Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Sue Siani Traffic Commission
Ben Bajaj Traffic Commission
Mario Obejas Traffic Commission
John McGee Water Commission
Betty Chim-Lieu Water Commission
Alex See Water Commission
Linden Nishinaga Water Commission
Chet Craft Water Commission


Prominent People in our Community

Janet Payne Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Hazel Taniguchi Jared Sidney Torrance Award Winner
Debbie Hays Resident
DeDe Hicks CEO/President at The Volunteer Center
Linda Gottschall-Sayed Former member of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Ethics and Integrity, and one of the five council appointed members on the Ethics Committee, founding and former President of the West Torrance Homeowners Association
Sanaz Hamzehpour, DDS Torrance Dentist
Howard Elexis, Jr. Resident
Carol Gilles Torrance Realtor and Homeowner
Kenneth Darr Resident
Gary Steinhauer Resident
Cindy Shields Resident, PTA
Kevin Kang Torrance Youth Commissioner and President TSBYMCA Youth & Government
Ray Frew Green Hills Memorial Park
Virginia Hilker Resident
Scott & Terri Nishimura Residents
David Henseler Resident
Laura Savitz Resident
Sheri Messerlian Resident
Lloyd Brown Sr. Resident
Bev Findley Resident - President of Torrance Rose Float Assoc.
Gabriela Fischer Resident and Business Owner
Mark Applegate Former President of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce
Jack Walser Resident and Owner of Walser's
Marcella Low Retired Public Affairs Manager for SoCalGas
Sandi Monda Resident
Reva Skoll Resident
Kirk Rossberg Resident & Owner of Torrance Bakery
Annie Ko Torrance Dentist
Margie Werner Resident
Gale Crandell Resident
Scott Fellows Resident & Owner of Critic's Choice Catering
William Oberholzer Resident
Lloyd Brown Resident
Jean Adelsman Resident
Sean & Angel Willett Residents and Owners of Keegan's Pub & Grill
Cindy Dennis Resident
Ron Riggs Resident and Real Estate Broker
Judith Diamond Community Relations Manager, Pediatric Therapy Network
Gerald Butler Owner, Freds Carpets Plus
Victoria Kennedy Frequent Torrance Consumer
Gene Higginbotham Resident
Claudine Garcia Torrance Chamber of Commerce member
Vicky Sargent Resident
Al Ortiz Resident
Patrick Folger Resident
Tim McDonald Resident
Irene Griffith Resident and LA County Commissioner, Commission for Older Adults
Jill Maroney Resident
Jean Adelsman Resident
Aaron Aalcides Resident and Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Gilbert Watson Owner of Mobile Visual Entertainment
John Bailey President – Southeast Torrance Homeowners’ Association, Inc. (SETHA)*
Cindy Constantine Resident
Burke Large Resident
Gary Seferian Resident
Kay Grundhaus Resident
Leslie Grundhaus Resident
Nathan Mintz Resident
Janet Tajii Resident
Erik Barajas Resident
Jose Mancera Resident
Jennifer Frew Green Hills Memorial Park
Sharon Drobka Resident
Margaret Lindsey Resident
Frank Putz Resident
Annie Ko Resident
Judy English Resident
Patti & Tom LeGrelius Resident
Jeanne McLeod Resident
Jan Stevenson Resident
Howard Korman Resident
Judy Shafer Resident
Galina Kovshilovsky


USBA (Unified Small Business Alliance)
LA BizFed PAC (Los Angeles Business Federation PAC)
Republican Party of Los Angeles County
Beach Cities Republicans  
South Bay Impact Republicans
BOMA - Business Owners and Managers Association PAC
Not, endorsed, but 'supported by'
Supported by the 'South Bay Association of Realtors'

Videos (1)

— April 21, 2016 City of Torrance

Torrance City Councilmember Mike Griffiths shares his background and experience on the City Council.

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