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April 12, 2016 — April Regular Elections

City of Culver CityCandidate for City Council

Photo of Scott Wyant

Scott Wyant

Small businessperson/Information Technology Consultant
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Planning for the Next 100 Years. With his unique background as a two-term Planning Commissioner and a long career in the forefront of technology and media, Scott Wyant is prepared for the opportunities and challenges Culver City faces, today and tom
  • Growth with Heart -- We must protect the neighborhoods and values that brought us all to Culver City, while welcoming new neighbors and businesses that share those values.
  • Keep Culver City Working -- Our exemplary schools, police and fire; our outstanding parks and public services; our vibrant business community. These create the quality of life we enjoy, and Scott is committed to maintaining them.



Profession:Small businessperson/Information Technology Consultant
Principal; Technology, Internet, Telecommunications and Media Consultant, Scott Wyant Information Systems Analysis and Design, LLC (2004–current)
Planning Commissioner, Culver City Planning Commission — Appointed position (2009–current)
Founding/Elected Secretary, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Committee — Appointed position (2009–2011)
Manager of Information Technology; Adjunct Faculty, USC School of Cinema-Television (1998–2003)
Director of Academic and Information Systems and Services, Antioch University,Southern California Region, (Los Angeles/Santa Barbara) (1996–1998)
Director of Information Science and Technology, Spinoza Ltd./Origami Ltd. (software startups) (1993–1997)
Associate Producer, Head Writer, Production Coordinator, Barry and Enright Television Productions (1982–1990)


UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Masters Degree, Library and Information Science, Information Systems Analysis and Design (1991)
UC Irvine Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Culture, American Studies (Major); Latin American Studies (Minor); Creative Writing (Minor) (1983)

Community Activities

Board of Directors; Executive Committee; Chair of Sustainability, Education, Culver City Chamber of Commerce (2008–current)
Technology Chair, IndieCade Festival of Independent Games (2011–current)
Board of Directors, Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee (2015–current)
Board of Directors, Culver City Education Foundation (2010–2015)


Twenty-seven years ago, when we moved to Culver City, my daughter Molly was about 18 inches long, my wife Leslie was just starting her career in child care, and I was juggling grad school at UCLA and a full time job in television production.

When Molly started school, I accepted a position at USC in the School of Cinema and Television.  That’s right – I maintain personal and professional ties to both USC and UCLA

Leslie and I volunteered at Farragut, and we began to realize that good things weren’t just “happening” in Culver City — good people were MAKING them happen.  Teachers teaching, police officers and firefighters keeping us safe.  People working to make sure the future of Culver City would be even brighter than its past. 

So I led the task force that fought to calm traffic on Braddock Ave., without ruining the serenity of the surrounding streets.  Next was the Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force, where I represented pedestrians and casual, recreational bicyclists.

For the last seven years, I’ve been working as a Planning Commissioner, where our projects have included the three innovative new developments surrounding the Metro Station, and the renaissance on West Washington. I’ve also served on the Boards of the Chamber of Commerce and the Education Foundation, and as Technology Chair of the IndieCade Festival of Games.  Most recently I joined the Board of the Centennial Celebration Committee.

You know what?  I’ve enjoyed nearly all of it.  I’ve enjoyed working with the concerned and committed Culver City citizens who want to make this an even better place to live.  Working together to reach a better solution than we could POSSIBLY have imagined individually.

That’s why I’m running.  So, why should you vote for me?

Because Culver City is in good shape right now, and with careful stewardship, we can make sure it stays that way.  We have challenges — but most of them come from the fact that…. we live in a really, really great city.  Our secret is out.  When I come home from work at night and turn towards the house, I see a street full of children on razor scooters, and parents playing catch with their kids.  THOSE are Culver City values.  If we are careful, we can keep those values and still move forward. I call this as “growth with heart.”  Growth with heart.  I believe we can accomplish that.

Culver City has quietly become headquarters to hundreds of small businesses — and by small, I mean businesses with 5 or fewer employees.  The composer in his soundproof den, creating the TV soundtrack we hear three weeks later.  The photographer who does digital production in her home studio.  The stonemason whose handiwork is on display in houses all over town.  The  lawyer who juggles her home-based  practice, her volunteer work at a local school, and the demands of raising two young children.   Did I mention that ALL of those people live on my block -- just one block in our city?  And that their children are all students in our public schools? 

The majority of our business licenses are held by such 21st century endeavors. I’ll bet half of the people reading this are part of this new economy.  

One of my passions is to ensure that Culver City does more to help these entrepreneurs.  The fiber optic project that we (as a city) are building now will put us WAY ahead of other cities and create opportunities no one has even imagined. 

It’s not just about Downtown, the Hayden Tract and our biggest businesses. This network is also going light up commercial corridors all over the city.  And a slew of entrepreneurs and small businesses along its path.  In return, we can expect those folks to become more engaged with our city.

My professional background in media production, higher education and advanced technologies -- those skills will enable me to lead from my seat on the council.  We have a city based on 20th century values that we don’t want to lose, facing a 21st century that can be truly exciting and inclusive. 

I’m qualified and ready to help us get there. 

Good ideas can come from anywhere on the political and economic spectrum.  I’m willing to listen to them all and able to drive the right ones to success.  My only agenda is to make Culver City better.

Leslie, Molly and I thrived because there were other people taking care of Culver City while we were preoccupied with raising our young child and building our careers.  We’ve been trying to pay that back.  Now, it’s time to team up with my fellow city council members and all the others who do so much to make this city the sweet home that it is.


Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (3)

  • Beverly Hills/Greater LA Board of Realtors
  • Culver City Chamber of Commerce
  • Culver City Employees Assn.

Elected Officials (5)

  • Jozelle Smith, Former Mayor
  • Steve Levin, School Board Member
  • Jeff Cooper, City Council
  • Jim Clarke, City Council
  • Andy Weissman, Vice Mayor

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

My political philosophy is based on the idea that good ideas can come from anywhere on the political and economic spectrum, and that good people, working with the common good in mind, can come up with decisions and solutions that no one person could possibly come up with alone.


Culver City is a great city. Let’s make sure it stays that way. 

We all treasure our unparalleled public services and public schools; vibrant business climate; and friendly, tranquil neighborhoods.


As your Council member, I will:

·      CONTINUE to advocate for reasonable and responsible development, while maintaining walkable and cyclable neighborhoods.

·      MAINTAIN police and fire services at current exceptional levels.

·      ADVANCE public/private partnerships to sustain our City’s programs and services.

·      FOSTER and support the small, local businesses that provide the high-value, low-impact jobs vital to our 21st century economy.

·      PROTECT and enhance the programs at our Senior Center.


Above all else, I will fight to safeguard our quality of life – from developers and single-issue advocates alike.  My Planning Commission, business and technical background make me uniquely qualified for your City Council.


Culver City Connections (partial list):

·      Culver City Planning Commissioner (2009 to present)

·      Centennial Celebration Committee (Board of Directors, Webmaster)

·      Culver City Education Foundation (Board of Directors, Technology Advisor)

·      Culver City Chamber of Commerce (VP, Executive Committee, Transportation Task Force Chair)

·      IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games (Technology Chair)

·      Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Secretary)


With your vote, we can make our next 100 years as great as the first 100.



Candidate Contact Info

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